Five Element Tea Founder

Dr. Lisa Jeong's passion for Chinese Medicine began at an early age. Her grandfather was a renowned doctor of TCM. She became familiar with the various herbs, tinctures, ointments, and herbal books used on a daily basis and saw the miraculous effects of TCM. This is when she decided to devote her career in TCM.
Dr. Lisa Jeong pursued her Masters at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where she graduated with honors and earned a Doctorate from Five Branches University. She is a California Board certified acupuncturist, and is Nationally (NCCAOM) certified as well.
Growing up in the United States, she noticed that people were living with high stress, unhealthy foods and lack of sleep. It wasn't long before she realized the need to share this 5,000 year old wisdom with the world. This passion motivated her to create enjoyable teas to help bring balance back into our health and lifestyle.