Anti-Stress/Anxiety Tea

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Our emotions, especially stress and anxiety, directly affect the well being of our liver. Our Anti-Stress/Anxiety Tea will help smooth the Liver Qi aiding in calming our souls leading to better at coping with our daily stresses.

Sweet fragrant from the Licorice combined with peppermint infused tea, leaves us feeling refreshed and up lifted as channels are opened. The combination of Finger Citron Fruit and Mimosa Flower (Happy Flower in Chinese) helps boost our moods and keep our souls calm. Chrysanthemum Flowers enhance the flavors and adds balance to this perfect relaxing formula.


  • Calm Spirit
  • Promote Stress Relief
  • Regulate Pulse


  • Chrysanthemum Flower Powder
  • Finger Citron Fruit
  • Mimosa Flower
  • Licorice Root
  • Field Mint
  • Chrysanthemum Flower