Natural Sleep Aid TCM Tea Bundle

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Non-GMO. Premium Organic Flowers.

Staying young relies on maintaining good health. The path to stronger, balanced health begins with a good night’s rest. Are you ready for a Body Reset? Experiencing fatigue from Work/Life Stress? Need a morning energy jolt without drinking coffee? Conveniently detox, improve digestion, boost metabolism…while you sleep!  

Our teas are individually designed to specifically nourish each of your body’s 5 Major Organ Systems. Design your own Daily TCM Tea Regimen today! 


Natural Sleep Aid Bundle
60 Tea Bags

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  • Calms Mind
  • Prevent Insomnia
  • Relieve Restlessness
  • 15 Tea Bags



  • Calm Spirit
  • Promote Stress Relief
  • Regulate Pulse
  • 15 Tea Bags 



  • Detox
  • Reduce Halitosis (Bad Breath)
  • Diminish Acne
  • Calm Rashes
  • 15 Tea Bags



  • Lower Serum Cholesterol
  • Reduce Blood Pressure
  • Strengthen Digestion
  • 15 Tea Bags